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Randwick Mechanic | Car Service and Repairs

Randwick Mechanic | Car Service and Repairs

Trusted local mechanic in Randwick

Avoca Auto is a full-service auto repair shop in Randwick that specialises in high-quality auto repairs and maintenance. Our family-owned business has extensive knowledge of all makes and models. We pride ourselves on offering our clients the best understanding of how their car works and what needs to be done to make it as efficient as possible, making us the go-to mechanic in Randwick.

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Full service auto repair
Quality car repairs and maintenance
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Car Repairs

Full mechanic service based in Randwick providing the Eastern Suburbs with quality car repairs.


We can assist with tyres for most car brands in Randwick and the Eastern Suburbs.


Our qualified mechanics can test and fix your brakes for optimum efficiency and safety.

Logbook Servicing

Regular servicing is the best way to keep your car running perfectly.

Air Conditioning

We can assess and repair your heating and cooling systems at our Randwick garage.

E-Safety Check

Our mechanics can check your car for roadworthiness and offer a certificate for you to renew your registration.


Get your car battery tested and replace it before it starts causing problems for your vehicle.


We’ll find any problems that are stopping your car from driving at optimum efficiency.


We can test drive and assess your car’s suspension and will recommend any repairs necessary to get it to its best.

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Tyres FAQs

Do you have most tyres in stock?

We have a large range of tyres in stock. Please call us on 02 9314 7275 to double-check we have your tyres before you come in.

How long does it take you to order tyres in?

Depending on the time and the make of tyre, most tyres arrive in stock within 24 hours.

How long does it take to replace tyres and conduct a wheel alignment?

Depending on our availability, it generally take an hour to fit replacement tyres and align the wheels.

Audi Car Service FAQs

How long will my Audi car service take?

We can often complete a full Audi service on the day you bring your car in, depending on the type of service and if anything needs fixing.

Will my warranty be affected if I don’t use an Audi mechanic at the dealership?

We suggest double-checking the details of your warranty, but usually, your original warranty will not be affected when you bring your car to us for a service.

Will you use original Audi parts on my car?

We are able to offer both original and compatible parts for your Audi. Let us know your preference.

BMW Car Service FAQs

Do you use genuine parts from BMW?

We use genuine BMW parts as well as other brands so let us know if you prefer one or the other when you bring your car in.

Will my BMW warranty be affected if I get my car serviced with you?

Our BMW car service is guaranteed and shouldn’t affect your warranty but we suggest checking beforehand to be sure.

How long will I be without my car?

We can usually do a full BMW car service within the day but may need it for longer depending on the service type or if any repairs are required.

Mercedes Benz Service FAQs

Will I lose my warranty if I don't service at the Mercedes Benz dealer?

In most cases, this won’t happen but we do recommend checking the terms and conditions of your original warranty.

How long does a Mercedes Benz service take?

Depending on the type of service required, we can usually complete a full service on your Mercedes within the same day

Do you use genuine Mercedes Benz parts?

Avoca Auto has access to both genuine and non-genuine Mercedes parts.

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